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Play more golf or whatever you enjoy by using NewBOS. NewBOS helps you control and grow your business, plus it is extremely productive and easy to learn and use.


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Relax more as TrainingBOS reveals the secret of successful business growth. Duplicate your best employees’ actions and you will duplicate their performance.

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Enjoy more because ControlBOS has your inventory completely controlled. ControlBOS stops expensive losses and surprises. Now everyone is 100% accountable.

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Vacation more because PaperBOS keeps employees productive and your customers satisfied. PaperBOS streamlines and organizes your office while reducing waste associated with paper copies, filing, storage, and retrieval.

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Be free more as MobileBOS allows you to go where you want when you want. MobileBOS enables your team to be productive, add value, and keep your customers happy without being chained to the office.


Be happy more because FsmaBOS helps you manage the increasing demands of food safety standards and government compliance with ease. FsmaBOS leverages these efforts into a better bottom-line.





The NewBOS and ControlBOS teams have given our employees step by step training on how to really use and benefit from our systems.

Implementing NewBOS has helped us to grow our business. This also gives us confidence of ongoing one-on-one support and monitoring at all of our locations.

Our staff had worked with other system companies and found that the NewBOS team offered the best industry knowledge, were the easiest to work with. We can call them and always reach someone or get a call back very promptly.

NewBOS support always took the extra time our staff needed to help them succeed. Most importantly they provided us with the support and skills necessary for a successful GO-LIVE experience.

We feel the NewBOS teams are the best in their field and the service they give to our company is outstanding.



Alison P.

ACJ International, LLC 




As one of your original Paperbos users, you already know how pleased we are with your product. Our documents are quickly, accurately, and safely "filed" on your cloud, making retrieval on demand very easy.

Until this morning, I did not realize exactly how valuable a tool Paperbos was. This week we began our annual collateral audit by our bank. They chose twenty random shipments to test, and by test, they mean providing them with copies of our sales invoice, origin and destination weight tickets, a bill of lading, and a freight bill associated with each transaction.

Before Paperbos this meant digging through file cabinets, then banker's boxes, both here in the office and at our storage facility, and also praying that my staff filed things in the right boxes. Pulling those hundred-plus documents would have taken me at least one full day. Collateral audits in the past made me very tense and anxious.

But this morning by using Paperbos, it took me less than one hour to find, export and email these docs to my auditor. Last year the audit was a fifty hour weeklong job. The rest of this audit should be a breeze and he estimates we can be done in three days. I am so excited— and relieved—at the powerful functionality of the Paperbos program. I loved it before... but I am absolutely crazy about it now.

Thank you for bringing such an amazing product to us!


Lisa R.,
Arizona Ag Mkt & Cnslt Gp LLC

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