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LMS Learning Management System Software for your Feed, Grain or Agribusiness



TrainingBOS™ solves your growth and personnel challenges.

A complete Execution-Focused Learning Management System (EF-LMS) is designed to help managers collect, organize and deploy internal policies and procedure-related trainings.

We call our strategy “Duplicating your Best Employee!.” We believe that each of your current team members possesses some of the knowledge about how best to do his or her job, how to prevent problems, and ultimately how best to save the company money.

But the big question that TrainingBOS™ can answer is: “Does everyone know all those same things?” Does every employee benefit from the best knowledge and procedures, or is some of this vital information stuck in a “silo” by certain employees, protected from the company as part of job security?

TrainingBOS™ team works with each employee to capture their job details, rewrite these as procedures, and then build specific job profiles. These are deployed to any applicable co-workers for review and training. (Note: It is at this point other employees contribute to these job procedures and usually improve them in the process.)

TrainingBOS™ tracks each employee’s participation in the training process, offers a glossary tool for common industry vocabulary, and documents for your company’s management that every employee received full, accurate training

Your company’s growth needs a consistent and thorough training system as a cost-effective, powerful means to sustain success. If you want to grow your company consider putting TrainingBOS™ to work as your Execution-Focused Learning Management System.




  • Employees not given consistent or sufficient training to do their jobs well
  • Tracking employee participation in safety training for reduced workman’s comp.
  • Complex issues of recording, editing and managing resources for training
  • Assigning training courses to individual employees quickly and easily
  • Video delivery issues that often cause delays, loss of interest or non-attendance
  • Meeting Food Safety requirements to document training
  • Identifying employees who are afraid to ask their manager to repeat a topic
  • The real human requirement that learning occurs only with repetition
  • Confusion when an employee says “But I was told to do it this way.”
  • Employees saying they have different learning styles
  • Difficulty of gathering, sharing and documenting cross-training
  • Problems which arise when a mission critical employee leaves with decades of knowledge
  • When employees use fear to build “silos” around their job knowledge
  • Your specific challenges




  • Guaranteed support with direct human access phone #’s 24/7/365
  • Quick and reliable access to internal training resources
  • Flexible and dynamic method of building and deploying courses to employees
  • Efficient method to capture and edit video
  • Complete resources to help you produce your first series of training courses
  • A reminder that your company’s training system is its most valuable asset
  • Reduction of lawsuit risk from employees due to lack of job or safety training
  • Full tracking of each employee’s training with rewards for completion
  • Excuse-free employee performance reviews (“I wasn’t taught that.”)
  • Accountability for each employee to both record and document job details
  • Accountability for each employee to do their very best and invest in learning
  • Growth potential that only a complete training system can provide
  • Call and ask questions 24/7/365.   559-667-4150  


Geek Speak 

  • Integrates with NewBOS™, ControlBOS™, PaperBOS™, FsmaBOS™, and MobileBOS™
  • Video can be hosted on local / private server and be password protected.
  • MS SQL database, optional access with tools such as Crystal Reports
  • AZURE-based database so training can be tracked at any location
  • PowerGRIDS™ allows each user the flexibility to design his or her own system
  • Exporting to Excel and importing files allows for significant time savers
  • Exporting to Excel and importing files allows for significant time savers
  • Supports unlimited users
  • Can be hosted off or on-premises
  • Windows-based client
  • Works well with RDP or published apps
  • As of 2014, we have required purchase of Level 1 of TrainingBOS™ as part of NewBOS™ because it includes foundational courses for all job positions related
Requires Windows
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