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Mobile Feed Mill Management Software




MobileBOS™ takes the mystery out of the internet as it applies to helping you use this powerful technology to solve your business problems.

MobileBOS™ is a combination of customizable web pages and mobile app tools coupled with our on-the-ground team of experts. It is built from the experience of our company’s projects, successes and decades of industry expertise.

Focusing on your company’s specific challenges, we will quickly explore possible strategies and then get to work building solutions.

At times, the internet (like all new things), seems to hold ‘The Answer’ because it’s new. However, any web solution requires the same evaluation of value as all other projects. We focus our clients to ensure we are developing a comprehensive answer that solves a significant problem, even if that means changing approaches or plans during the process.

With the MobileBOS™ team and tools as your partners, you will put the vast resources of the worldwide web to work for your business and improved bottom line.




  • Transportation and dispatch errors, confusion and inefficiencies
  • Cash flow delays and billing errors
  • Communication issues between traders, dispatchers and customers
  • Delays and errors in customer ordering
  • Flat sales or lack of new business
  • Your customers not having the access and information they want
  • Load # confusion and duplication with suppliers and customers
  • The need for improved and timely shipping status reports
  • Letting shippers and customers update scale and delivery information
  • Goal to be more helpful and transparent to customers
  • Staff wasting time on duplicated work and phone interruptions
  • Your specific challenges



  • Increased load volume and accuracy
  • Improved customer communications and service levels
  • Simplified yet increased sales effectiveness
  • Increased invoicing speed and therefore cash flow
  • Improved accuracy of proof of delivery
  • Sales people motivated to find new business
  • More control with status alerts and dashboards
  • Making the internet help build your business
  • Access to MobileBOS™ experts 24/7/365.  Call 559-667-4150



Geek Speak

  • Integrates with NewBOS™, ControlBOS™, PaperBOS™, TrainingBOS™, and FsmaBOS™
  • Can be a custom solution to your mobile and web needs
  • May include web design, branding, and other marketing-related activities
  • Web-based platform to directly access the NewBOS™ database
  • Native Android / iPhone / Windows applications platform 
  • Can be programmed to access any database including NewBOS™
  • Local Storage on devices available for bad LTE cell service area projects
  • Web or native device apps (IOS, Apple, Android, Windows)
Requires Windows, Apple, IOS, Android
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Cash flow

Communication issues

lack of new business

update scale and delivery information

transparent to customers

Increased load volume

Improved service levels

proof of delivery

Web-based platform








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