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FsmaBOS™ is the antidote to reading the 88 pages of the FSMA LAW. It is the tool kit that your company needs to design, implement and track all the required directives of any food or quality safety plan. This is the new world of policies, procedures and the demand to implement and execute them perfectly.

It is important to realize that pet food and human food safety laws and industry standards have basically been trying to achieve the same type of risk management, recall management and liability management for many years prior to FSMA becoming law. Now the animal feed industry is getting to become part of this process.

The law mandates that you must track all inventory in and out of your facility, including all merging and blending of inventory, for detailed lot and recall control. Recording the clean-out procedures of silos or bins is a requirement prior to introducing a new product or lot of product. Although this process adds to the workload, clean-out documentation is probably the best single way to limit lot/recall liability.

You also need to keep track of all vehicles in and out of your site, if they are cleaned out before picking up product, and if they are actually authorized to carry certain grade products, including but not limited to organics. For example, trailers may be marked as “Organic Corn”, and the introduction of other products into these trailers can create serious quality reporting issues.

Your employees are required to participate in training that promotes the successful implementation of all food safety measures. These sessions are both time consuming and challenging to manage. FsmaBOS™ is designed to create and deploy your training program, plus track each employee’s participation. Our training system will give you maximum return on your investment.

The law and increasingly demanding industry standards require that employees complete, sign and file these records. Using FsmaBOS™ to digitally store all your forms, spreadsheets and logs of your proper food safety activities ensures that all documents will be organized and located with ease ----without building a wall of binders to remain compliant.



  • Manually recording lot # tracking, including merges
  • No recall reporting system for both supply and customer risks
  • Requirement for inbound trucks documentation and storage
  • Meeting food safety requirements for 100% inventory
  • Fulfilling organic and food safety certification requirements
  • Dealing with bulk item inventory as opposed to individually packed inventory
  • Delivering complete training for all safety concepts, policies and procedures
  • Assuring all employees have taken all necessary courses with satisfactory retention
  • Creating workshop style environments for improved learning and effectiveness
  • The problem of time wasted with live or remote training sessions
  • Creating document/approvals/certification documents for all risks and hazards
  • Assuring timely processing and storage of all required documents
  • Lack of consistent or reliable automated documentation events
  • What does this mean --- should this be relocated in “Delivers” section
  • Tracking if document requirements and completion have been met
  • Your specific challenges




  • Leading support with direct human access phone #’s 24/7/365
  • Perfect control over your physical inventory / clean outs
  • Security for entrance/exit facility control
  • Forward and backward lot # traceability reporting
  • Recall supplier and customer report for calling and notification
  • Organic and food safety tools (using your operation’s details)
  • Effective and cost-efficient training systems
  • Full documentation management for all aspects of food safety.
  • Time or activity triggered events forcing documentation action
  • Retention of complete food safety records without filling your office with binders or filing cabinets
  • Use of full digital signature capture and fingerprint security
  • Call and ask questions 24/7/365.   559-667-4150


Geek Speak 

  • Integrates with ControlBOS™, PaperBOS™, TrainingBOS™
  • Works in remote sites with limited internet using multi-site synchronization
  • MS SQL database, optional access with tools such as Crystal Reports
  • PowerGRIDS™ allows for each user to flexibly design his or her own system
  • Exporting to Excel and importing files allows for significant time savers
  • Supports unlimited # of companies and facilities
  • Supports unlimited users
  • Can be hosted or on-premises, your choice
  • Windows-based client
Requires Windows
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Perfect inventory control

lot # traceability

Organic and food safety tools

Triggered Events

complete food safety records

fingerprint security

Unlimited Users

full digital signature

facility control








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