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Commodity merchandising software contract management logistics execution risk management for your feed grain agribusiness



NewBOS™ is the full solution for your company’s operating challenges --- an integrated system featuring contract management, logistics execution, inventory control, financial reporting, . . . and everything in between.

NewBOS™ is designed to work for direct-ship commodity merchandisers all the way to complex multi-state animal/pet food manufacturers and most other commonly-related business models.

More than software, NewBOS™ features an on-call team of industry experts committed to personal availability --- a team that believes talking with our customers is the only way for you to succeed. We focus on guiding best practices, training solutions and onsite services which assure your team will get the most value out of every dollar invested in NewBOS™.

This software and expertise is built from listening to thousands of user feedbacks and comments, hundreds of companies’ successful implementations, and decades of industry-focused programming. This means NewBOS™ operates the way you and the industry require. To put it simply, you won’t be doing expensive, in-house programming of a generic system on converting bushel to metric tons or basis trading.

NewBOS™ captures and manages every minute detail of the bottom-line so profits can be fully understood – managed, controlled and audited -- load by load, day by day, trader by trader.

During your personal Go-Live experience, we train your team members to do more, be more effective, and, in the end, give you real control -- all of which results in increased profits, growth, and achieving your company goals.

NewBOS™ has simple goals for our clients: manage risk, improve efficiency, control losses, and produce financial results with speed and confidence.

Since the entire scope of NewBOS™ defies a summary description, a conversation with one of our expert consultants will quickly clarify if we can help you and your company. Please be in touch with us at 559-667-4150.




  • Lack of instant visibility into your risk position, long vs short
  • Manually typing out load information for shippers, truckers and customers
  • Handling of basis-priced pricing and hedging of flat-priced contracts
  • Wasting time managing multiple systems and/or spreadsheets
  • Not receiving timely or reliable financials each day, week or month
  • Tracking multi-currency accounting issues and currency positions
  • Lack of connected trading, logistics, inventory, and accounting systems
  • Wasted time tracking all accruals for unreceived payables in a separate system
  • Manually producing railcar tracking and linking information to main system
  • Writing off AR due to lack of professional collection tools for your biggest asset
  • Losing track of inventory resulting in excessive and expensive write-offs
  • Manually doing railcar tracing and management outside of your main system
  • Wasted time on non-integrated systems for rail/container inventory
  • Manually producing railcar tracking and linking information to main system
  • Problems dealing with origin and destination weights
  • Issues converting from tons, bushels, metric tons, and quantities such as bales, railcars, vessels
  • Purchasing software from a company whose trainers have only generic knowledge resulting in your employees wasting time teaching the industry to the trainers
  • Not knowing if your traders are producing value day-by-day and load-by-load
  • Accrued Customer invoices when vendors must be paid quickly
  • Tracking of complex manufacturing, sacking, mixing, and nutrient analysis
  • Accrued customer invoices when vendors must be paid first
  • Your specific challenges



  • Guaranteed support with direct human access phone #’s 24/7/365
  • Guaranteed conversion success to NewBOS™  
  • 30 years of industry expertise built into your system
  • Extreme ease of use, simple to learn and operate compared to the “generic”
  • Possibility for customizations to meet your unique needs
  • Industry expert consulting and support services focused on creating value
  • Experts who teach you and your team best practices
  • An onsite team of our experts with in-depth industry knowledge to train your team
  • Flexible PowerGRIDS™ enabling you to personalize system without geek help

  • Risk management in real time by trader, market zone and time spread
  • Flexible accounting and inventory that understands units such as “bales” and “bushels”
  • State Department of Ag inventory and position controls
  • Detailed gross profit daily, weekly, monthly on demand by trader
  • Complete transaction visibility, no mysteries
  • Single point of entry: contracts talks to logistics talks to accounting. . .
  • Unlimited ways to quickly analyse your information
  • Increased ability to produce more volume without more staff
  • Consulting designed to improve your bottom-line results
  • Call and ask questions 24/7/365.   559-667-4150


Geek Speak 

  • Integrates with ControlBOS™, PaperBOS™, TrainingBOS™, FsmaBOS™ and MobileBOS™
  • ODBC-pervasive database, optional access with tools such as Crystal Reports
  • PowerGRIDS™ allows for each user to flexibly design his or her own system
  • Exporting to Excel and importing files allows for significant time savers
  • Supports unlimited # of companies
  • Supports Unlimited users
  • Can be hosted or on-premises, your choice
  • Works great with RDP or published apps

Requires Windows

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NewBOS streamlines grain, feed, and commodity companies; if you own any of these types of companies and want to spend less time at work and make more money, we have never failed to make these two things happen for our clients.









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