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Organic Inventory Control System Feed Mill Inventory Management




ControlBOS™ is your best friend if you have inventory as part of your business. It prevents hundreds of thousands of dollars in unexplained losses from plaguing your bottom-line. Inventory that is not controlled is comparable to having a bank account that is not controlled. It is the worst possible problem. ControlBOS™ is the best possible solution.

ControlBOS™ is an NTEP certified onsite Inventory Control System (ICS). It is designed for humans on the ground. This system enables warehouse management and facility staff to track every aspect of inventory in real-time.

We focused on solving the one pervasive problem with accounting-centric inventory control. The numbers are rarely right. Accounting never works in real-time with warehouse inventory. The accounting department deals with multiple problems which negatively impact the timely management of inventory.

ControlBOS™ is a “Physical System” as opposed to a “Book System”. Doing business with both is the optimum way to control inventory. Exactly as managing your checking account with both a check book and a bank statement is the best way to control your finances.

This “Physical System” designed for tracking inventory in real-time gives ControlBOS™ the most significant advantage. It is used by the right people at the right time. ControlBOS™ provides 100% control over all physical inventory events including tracking, reporting and documenting each step of a warehouse or manufacturing process.

Once activity is tracked it can be managed and reconciled against the book inventory system. NewBOS™ and ControlBOS™ work together to audit and control book inventory to physical activities assuring that there are no surprises or write-offs outside of expected or known issues.

ControlBOS™ is also the proverbial gate keeper. No products come into the facility or leave the facility without proper documentation such as a NTEP/Weighmaster certified scale ticket or a bill of lading (BOL) generated as the product is loaded outbound and at the door paperwork recording acceptance of counts and qualities for inbound shipments.

ControlBOS™ will even open and close gates, take pictures, and perform any other activities required to secure the facility and product movements.

Once ControlBOS™ has been installed and the onsite team fully trained, you will begin the program’s accountability phase. If actual inventory does not match the “Physical System” inventory, the onsite team is held accountable. The facility staff has tracked their own activities (can’t blame accounting any more), documenting all in-and-out events, all transformations and losses.

At this point, if physical inventory and ControlBOS™ statistics are not in sync, the problem can only be generated from some onsite responsible party or action. Although theft is a possible outcome, the situation is usually a product of a lack of tracking all actions properly. In a few months, everyone is up to speed because of the absolute control that ControlBOS™ produces.



  • Facility staff manually tracking physical inventory (with inevitable human error)
  • A warehouse employee not fully documenting losses, damage or merges
  • Manual lot # tracking and complex silo / bulk lot merge tracking
  • Requirements for complete forward and backward lot call sheets to customers and suppliers
  • Meeting Food Safety requirements for 100% inventory/lot tracking
  • Bar Coding of inventory and detailed lot tracking with bar coded inventory
  • Bar-coding of inventory by the pallet and detailed lot tracking
  • Taking warehouse-wide inventory pallet by pallet with full audit accuracy
  • How most systems don’t understand bulk/silo and quantity based inventories
  • Production scheduling and planning efforts at the plant level
  • Time-wasting manual exchanges with ERP system on in/out shipments
  • Logging and tracking inbound and outbound shipments for accounting
  • Production scheduling and planning efforts at the plant level
  • Visually representing stocking levels of all inventory in piles/bins/silos
  • Manually producing or tracking weight certificates or BOLs
  • Logging and tracking inbound and outbound shipments for accounting
  • Comparing and auditing transactions between physical records and accounting
  • Visually representing stocking levels of all inventory in piles/bins/silos
  • Gathering and sending all inbound and outbound paperwork to 3rd parties
  • Expired inventory getting lost in your facility and losing value
  • Your specific challenges



  • Guaranteed support with direct human access phone #’s 24/7/365
  • Real-time control over your physical inventory
  • Quickly identifying and eliminating wasteful processes / cleaners / etc.
  • Accountability down to the pound of your facility managers/contractors
  • Direct feeds to/from NewBOS™ and PaperBOS™
  • NTEP-certified weighment control in product called EveryWEIGH™
  • Federal MERSEC-level security access control
  • FGIS-certified inventory control
  • State Department of Ag inventory and position controls
  • Live control of credit-stopping credit risk loads before they ship
  • Perfect load # control (duplicate or lost load numbers never happen)
  • Real-time inventory levels in drawn physical plant representation
  • Automatic accounting copy of Certs./BOL available seconds after load departs
  • Digital signature capture and fingerprint security for proof of title transfer
  • Tracking of pallet-level inventory by physical location
  • Lot expiration dates and recommendations for pulling oldest inventory first
  • 3rd party support if services are provided for 3rd parties
  • Call and ask questions: 559-667-4150.  Your NewBOS™ and ControlBOS™ partners are available 24/7/365


Geek Speak 

  • Integrates with NewBOS™, PaperBOS™, TrainingBOS™, FsmaBOS™, and MobileBOS™
  • Works in remote sites with limited internet using multi-site synchronization
  • MS SQL database, optional access with tools such as Crystal Reports
  • Built-in report writer could save you from having to use Crystal Reports
  • PowerGRIDS™ allows for each user to flexibly design his or her own system
  • Exporting to Excel and importing files allows for significant time savers
  • Supports unlimited # of companies and facilities
  • Supports unlimited users
  • Can be hosted or on-premises, your choice
  • Windows-based client
  • Uses full finger print security for employees and trucking companies (don’t get pirated)
  • Full biometric signature capture for true proof of title transfer
  • Works great with RDP or published apps
Requires Windows
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NewBOS Manufactured by: NewBOS Partners, LLC Model: TrainingBOS Product ID: ControlBOS - NTEP certified onsite Inventory Control System



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MERSEC-level security access

Real-time control

bulk lot merge tracking

Bar Coding of inventory

full audit accuracy






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