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Paperless Management System for Feed Mill, Grain, and Merchandising Agribusiness





Tired of piles of paper all over your employees’ desks? Tired of waiting an hour or day to get a simple proof of delivery for a customer? Tired of your office environment filled with file cabinets in this digital age? PaperBOS™ is the solution

PaperBOS™ is the only industry-specific program that provides a complete Document Management System (DMS) exclusively focused on the needs of commodity and feed-related businesses.

PaperBOS™ knows that a scale ticket and an invoice need to be packaged together before sending an invoice to a customer. PaperBOS™ knows that contracts over a certain dollar amount must have e-signatures before they are marked as valid. PaperBOS™ knows if an order needs a Certificate of Analysis sent the night before shipment to the customer and the receiving party (aka brokers involved).

PaperBOS™ focuses on processing paperwork as quickly as possible, sending invoices out as quickly and accurately as possible, and filing all related documents with the customer’s records

The core concept of PaperBOS™ is “touch it once.” Instead of numerous employees handling a piece of information multiple times, one staffer “touches” a document once performing a specific function. Then PaperBOS™ takes over –- linking, organizing, filing, retrieving all information needed for any customer’s orders with the touch of a button.

PaperBOS™ will instantly produce all documents related to a shipment, including vendor invoices, freight invoices, scale tickets, aflatoxin certificates, and any other pertinent paperwork. With the touch of a single PaperBOS™ button, a file is retrieved for quick review, confirmation, and possible exporting to a customer, measurably improving receivable collections.

PaperBOS™ eliminates the problem of lost and misfiled paperwork, cleaning up your office and, most importantly, keeping your customers happily paying their invoices on time.

The PaperBOS™ team will sit down with you to calculate your cost savings and reduced risks. We will help review your current processes, transaction volumes and active paper-handling activities to determine where PaperBOS™ can have the most impact and create the most value.



  • Manually copying Weigh Certs. for invoices and then filing the Certs.
  • Office space being cramped from rows and rows of file boxes or cabinets
  • Needing more office space for sales or logistics team
  • Wasted time with year-end file moves and recreating files / folders / boxes
  • Visits to dusty, cobwebbed storage rooms with arctic or Sahara Desert temps
  • Time-consuming document retrieval for bank, tax and insurance audits
  • Needing to manually send Certificates of Analysis to customers
  • Trying to manually locate all related documents to a single shipment
  • Needing to manually send Certificates of Analysis to customers before load lands
  • Lack of contracts being physically signed increasing risks on larger deals
  • Filing before-paid AP files, necessitating those files being handled up to 3 times
  • Multi-location, multi-copy, paper/document sharing and filing
  • Storing Excel and Word documents for safe-keeping and control
  • Keeping trucker’s proof of insurance filed and current, with ACCORD copy proof
  • Making sure your FSMA and Food Safety documents are filed and current
  • Challenges of filing accuracy, especially if a temp employee is tasked with the job
  • Not knowing if all documents are properly scanned and filed
  • Your specific challenges



  • Guaranteed support with direct human access phone #’s 24/7/365
  • Direct links to/from NewBOS™ and ControlBOS™, a significant time-saver
  • Faster and consistent retrieval of documents with single button press
  • Auto indexing of common, readable quality documents (no human required)
  • Verified accuracy of all document filings (you can check another’s work)
  • 100% storage of all your paperwork (cleaner, open office environment)
  • More office space for sales people; no more need for filing cabinets
  • Automation in the emailing of invoices, contracts and certificates of analysis
  • Confidence that your significant contracts get approved and signed
  • Open and flexible platform to solve your unusual needs
  • Easy handling of audits for prior years
  • Organization of documents for pre-entry handling (scan-first approach)
  • Security: ability to keep confidential documents completely secure
  • Call and ask questions: 559-667-4150.  24/7/365 access


Geek Speak 

  • Integrates with NewBOS™, ControlBOS™, TrainingBOS™, FsmaBOS™ and MobileBOS™
  • Live backup of all document images into at least 3 physical locations
  • Cloud-based AZURE database or on-premises optional
  • MS SQL database, optional access with tools such as Crystal Reports
  • PowerGRIDS™ allows for each user to flexibly design his or her own system
  • Exporting to Excel allowed
  • Supports unlimited # of companies
  • Supports unlimited users
  • Can be hosted or on-premises, your choice
  • Windows based WPF Client
  • Web access and E-signature platform of your choice
  • Works great as RDP or published app
Requires Windows
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NewBOS Manufactured by: NewBOS Partners, LLC Model: PaperBOS Product ID: PaperBOS DMS exclusively focused on the needs of commodity and feed-related businesses.



Document Retrieval

Certificates of Analysis

Proof of Insurance

Grain Accounting Software

Food Safety documents

Filing Accuracy

More office Space


Easy handling of audits









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